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JRC takes on our nation’s most challenging goals of strategic deterrence and strategic defense.

Systems Engineering

Identify and define operational needs, conduct R&D on new solutions, and establish an executable program.
Apply modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities.
Verify requirements, qualify and deploy systems, and insert system modifications for detailed analysis and review.
Leverage R&D, systems engineering, program management, and technical support to advance the strategic systems mission.
Support facility redesign/relocations, inspections, maintenance, project coordination, and physical security.

Acquisition Management

Manage the engineering, acquisition, and program processes necessary for ACAT I-IV programs.
Enable supply and provisioning, inventory management, and in-service engineering to keep systems operational.
Gain critical expertise in program planning, acquisition, fielding, testing, sustainment, training, and oversight inspections.
Manage the entire FMS process from preliminary planning engagements through to equipment delivery.
Augment commands and program offices with complex information technology and security initiatives.
Employ warfighting assets in the most optimal positions while providing maximum defense against possible enemy attacks.

Research and Development

Gain accurate and timely data to make informed decisions while freeing up people and resources for other mission priorities.

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