Strategic Weapons System Development

Strategic systems are the “backbone” of American national security. Strategic Deterrence, originally “the Triad” consisting of ICBMs, SLBMs, and Bombers, has evolved to a “New Triad” that includes nuclear and non-nuclear strike capabilities, Conventional Prompt Global Strike and hypersonic technologies, defensive capabilities managed at Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), C4I systems, and responsive infrastructure.

JRC has extensive experience providing research and development, systems engineering, program management, and technical support to the wide spectrum of programs comprising the strategic systems mission.

From system-level engineering, management and analysis, to subsystem-level execution, to critical component-level engineering in the areas of microelectronics, materials, and modeling & simulation, JRC provides critical experience and expertise that is unique to the requirements of strategic missions.  

Strategic Weapons System Development

Critical Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Systems R&D
  • Strategic Missions Systems Engineering and Program Management
  • Technology Insertion and Risk Management
  • System-Level Analysis
  • Threat Analysis
  • Material Analysis
  • Lifecycle Engineering
  • Microelectronics and High-Reliability Parts Management
  • Obsolescence Management
Strategic Weapons System Development

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