Develop a Hardware-In-The-Loop Integrated Test Facility at “SWS Ashore”

Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP)

SSP needed an integrated test facility to perform Hardware-in-the-Loop system qualification of the Trident II Strategic Weapons System (SWS) for the COLUMBIA Class submarine.  JRC led the program office engineering efforts to define facility and system requirements, perform requirements verification, and ultimately perform daily test and logistics operations at SWS Ashore.

The Challenge
  • SSP chose to build side-by-side test bays, one each for the existing OHIO-Class weapons system and one for the COLUMBIA-Class weapons system. Both needed to operate concurrently.
  • SSP needed the side-by-side test bays to partially share support equipment and other common equipment.
  • The CONOPS required JRC to help establish an integrated test facility for two separate systems, in a common facility complex, while maintaining configuration control of each system.
The JRC Solution
  • JRC systems engineers developed all of the engineering plans and planning documents to create the SWS Ashore ITF: Requirements Documents, CONOPS, Integrated Test Planning Documents, Project Plan, and Configuration Management Plan.
  • JRC maintained system interfaces and updated interfaces as part of a multi-organization coordination process.
  • JRC issued Facility Acceptance Tests (FAT), evaluated Facility Evaluation Tests (FET), and authored and reviewed system operations tests.
  • JRC employed a model-based design (MBD) to evaluate equipment design and interfaces.
The Result

SSP has an integrated test facility supporting requirements verification for OHIO-Class Strategic Weapons System alterations, and is receiving and testing components and subsystems for the development and qualification of the COLUMBIA-Class Strategic Weapons System.

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