Employing Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for Integrated Nuclear Weapons Security Systems

Navy Strategic Systems Programs | Submarine Launch

Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP)

SSP needed to update its robust, multi-layered nuclear weapons security systems using a single system security architecture in order to manage configuration, coordinate system design and implementation, and improve program efficiency. JRC developed a MBSE solution for integrating multiple security systems into one common architecture.

The Challenge
  • Need a process to manage and change system baselines in order to control configuration with subsystems and elements
  • Need to understand the engineering, cost, and operational trade-offs among multiple design solutions
  • Segregated system data precluded effective information management
The JRC Solution
  • JRC Systems Engineers developed a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach to the program's architecture development using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF).
  • JRC developed the MBSE policy for MBSE implementation and incorporated a Conceptual Data Model for developing the architecture.
  • JRC developed the systems architecture that created commonality among all the subsystems.
  • JRC employed a web-based means to display and share architecture products and information.
The Result
  • SSP now has a MBSE architecture, which provides system and documentation configuration management, to effectively make engineering and financial trade-off analysis, and efficiently manage element, subsystem, and system requirements changes.

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