Integrated Logistics Support: Logistics & ERP Implementation

JRC's logistics managers and logisticians enable the continued operation of highly complex systems. JRC supports the supply and provisioning, inventory management, and in-service engineering to keep systems operational. This expertise includes managing Operating Space Allowance Equipage List (OS/AEL) spares, COTS spares, receiving material and equipment, shipping material, submitting requisitions, performing carcass turn-in for Material Repairable Program (MPPs), managing all calibration equipment, managing inventory, providing inventory reports, and providing material handling support and movement.

In addition to providing onsite logistics support, JRC also provides PMO headquarters logistics management support, including: development of Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP) that include specific management chapters on Shipping/Receiving, SMS, Emergency Management Plans, Transportation Management, and Crane and Rigging Support.

JRC also enables Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs by populating and maintaining property transfer and custody records, including forms DD-1348 and DD-1149 property records.

Integrated Logistics Support

Critical Areas of Expertise

  • Integrated Logistics Planning
  • Facilities Engineering and Management
  • Supply and Provisioning
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation and Custody Management
  • In-Service Engineering
Integrated Logistics Support

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