Posted March 30, 2022


JRC would like to recognize the talented women Engineers and Business Analysts working within our organization.  With their extraordinary talent, we continue to pave the way for innovation and technical excellence as we achieve our nation’s most challenging goals of strategic deterrence and strategic defense. We thank the women of JRC for choosing to share their career with us.

JRC is dedicated to helping its employees achieve their highest professional potential through the spirit of team, community, and individuality. JRC’s Women Empowerment & Leadership Group- Elevate, was designed to unite our women through common interests, professional ambition, and mentorship.

Through Elevate, the women of JRC have a trusted space to support the career goals of one another as well as opportunities to elevate those in their community. This year, the ERG raised funds to help local Washington DC women with safe housing, food, therapy, and educational services through their partnership with Calvary Women’s Services.  The group’s routine leadership content and special guest speakers are chosen to help the women of JRC elevate not only professionally but in all aspect of life growth.  

The women of JRC are dedicated to demonstrating the highest level of leadership as they support our nation’s most important programs. We are dedicated to recognizing their excellence as they commit to serving the American people and the men and women in uniform.

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