Frequency and Spectrum Management for Integrated Flight Test Operations

Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP)

Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP)

SSP needed a solution to deconflict spectrum and improve data security while also increasing data transmission rates in order to support more advanced missile system testing.

The Challenge
  • SSP needed to find a solution to share and deconflict spectrum and to redesign existing test equipment for shared spectrum usage.
  • SSP needed to significantly increase data transmission rates within assigned spectrum in order to perform more robust system testing.
  • The program had to obtain spectrum authorization in foreign countries.
  • The program had to develop spectrum usage plans for multiple systems for flight test operations.
The JRC Solution
  • JRC engineers developed a spectrum coordination process among Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Center (NMSC), National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and seven Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Offices (NMSO).
  • JRC developed a Host Nation Coordination (HNC) for military frequency allocation.
  • JRC coordinated equipment authorization from NTIA and temporary frequency allocation from NMSC.
  • JRC developed comprehensive flight test plans for frequency and spectrum management for ballistic missile flight tests.
The Result
  • SSP overcame equipment obsolescence and significantly increased test system capabilities.
  • The program had reduced test costs.
  • SSP had a 100% on-time test performance.

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