Facilities Engineering

The JRC facilities team is composed of architects, physical security specialists, engineers, interior designers and facility analysts.

Our team of facility professionals work closely with the customer to support facility re-design/relocations, inspections, maintenance and sustainment of government furnished equipment, project coordination, and analysis of physical safety and security. Our comprehensive knowledge of both facility design and project management, enable us to provide full service facility support to our customers.


Planning & Programming
Sustainment Support
Project Management

Sustainment Support - EXISTING FACILITIES

  • Submit & track all facility service tickets
  • Develop integrated plans for repurposing spaces, cubicles and office modifications
  • Assess and develop in-depth reports for –deficiencies; code reviews, accessibility, physical security
  • Draft RFPs, RFIs, new project induction forms, reports, white papers, ghost emails etc. for executive leadership
  • Support major administrative facility relocations (BRAC, etc.)
  • Coordinate IT, telecommunications, furnishings & equipment & support customer through occupancy & warranty period
  • Develop and maintain master plans - track and document changes and approvals (configuration control)
  • Support internal and peer inspections (facilities, cyber, security) and follow-on mitigation
  • Equipment inventories (copiers, printers, safes, telephones)
  • Liaison and technical POC for facility sustainment projects/coordination with NAVFAC, Public Works

Planning & Programming - NEW FACILITIES

  • Develop DD Form 1450 Space Requirements Data
  • Develop presentation packages for funding requests, budget reviews and leadership approvals
  • Provide space planning and programming for new facilities; AutoCAD drawings, renderings & 3-D modeling
  • Draft RFPs, RFIs, new project induction forms, reports, white papers, ghost emails etc. for executive leadership
  • Support design charettes, design reviews; meeting minutes, track action items
  • Cost estimating and cost-benefit analysis, budget support
  • Provide technical reviews (SME’s include architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, physical security)
  • Adjudicate comments during design development

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Facilities Engineering

Project Management

  • Develop/track progress and /or/schedules/POAMs (Microsoft Project/Primavera)
  • On-site support during construction; progress meeting minutes, track action items
  • Review submittals, respond to RFIs
  • Post-construction punch list development follow to completion.
Facilities Engineering

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