JRC values you as a member of our family and want to support all employees in creating and sustaining a safe, responsible, and ethical working environment. We created this platform to give JRC family members the opportunity to report on areas of concern that may impact company ethics, safety, and individual or organizational well-being.

We take the responsibility of protecting our employees and organization very seriously and want to offer you the opportunity to confidentially share information with us. Steps have been taken to protect the identity of anyone who chooses to share information here and ALL submissions through this website are anonymous.

Alternatively, you may contact JRC’s Ethics Call Center Hotline at ______________ where a third-party reporting representative will take the time to receive your concerns, 24 hours a day. While your issue will be relayed to a JRC contact with experience in the area of issue or concern, your identity will be kept private. You may also contact JRC’s Compliance Officer, Kelly Jordan, directly at 202-735-2724. All calls are confidential; however, JRC reserves the right to report instances to law enforcement, including identities and transcripts, should an event pose an immediate safety or legal concern.

In line with JRC Security training, please remember that your submission cannot contain FOUO or Classified Information. 

       Ethics Hotline: XXX XXX XXXX

JRC Compliance Officer,

     Kelly Jordan: 202-735-2724


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