Posted February 08, 2024

We are proud to announce the promotion of Tyler Shaw to Manager of JRC’s Strategic Weapon System (SWS) Ashore Section within the SE&I Division. Tyler will lead a team of 11 people who support operations at Cape Canaveral’s SWS Ashore, the government’s very first owned and operated facility providing shore-based testing capabilities to proof modernized submarine missile systems. The JRC SWS Ashore Operations Team provides support to Navy SSP and NSWC Crane in the areas of Operations, Engineering, Documentation, Logistics, Supply, Future Planning and Scheduling. Tyler will also manage the NSWC Crane contract CLINs related to SWS Ashore operations.

Tyler will continue to perform his current work as The SWS Ashore Site Safety Representative as well as the tremendous responsibility of overseeing complex operations at The SWS Ashore site.  Tyler has been supporting as a Task Lead for this effort and has demonstrated his ability to effectively lead the entire SWS Ashore team.  He is highly regarded by the customer, as well as NOTU leadership at The SWS Ashore.  

Tyler graduated from The University of West Alabama with a degree in Business Administration. When Tyler joined JRC as an intern over a decade ago, operating out of JRC HQ (Washington, D.C.), he hit the ground running, providing immediate value to his team. Tyler has only continued to refine his expertise over the years and proved to be an invaluable asset to his customers, teammates, and the JRC organization. He truly embodies the leadership qualities upheld within JRC.  We are confident Tyler will only continue to apply his knowledge and natural leadership ability to aide in achieving some of the Navy’s most important defense goals. 

When asked about his experience working at JRC, Tyler said, “JRC has provided me with the opportunity to build a career from the ground up. From a JRC Intern to now, the support and empowerment to grow professionally through the years has been great. I look forward to the challenge and appreciate the opportunity to continue my growth with JRC.”

Featured: Shaw Family 

Tyler is a true family man. On weekends you can find him attending gymnastics meets and soccer matches for his daughter and spending time with his lovely wife. He also enjoys competitive golf and disc golf as well as rebuilding “Gilbert”, his ’64 C10, named after his grandfather who gifted him the car. He also frequently takes trips back to his hometown in Arkansas as often as possible. 

Congratulations Tyler on your new role with The JRC Management Team. Thank you for sharing your career with us.  





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