Posted October 26, 2022

"I enjoy the work I do because I work for a company that provides the best for its employees".-

Madeline Collington

Madeline is JRC Integrated System’s Personnel Security Manager & Alternate Facility Officer. Madeline has a strong background in commercial mortgage and office management.  She eventually transitioned into the DOD Security Industry, rapidly growing her knowledge in DoD FSO (Facility Security Officers) Training, becoming fully certified in 2011. She joined the JRC family in 2017 and is responsible for overseeing JRC’s security and facility related operations. Madeline is known as a mentor here at JRC and is proud of the productive team she continues to lead here at the company. Madeline says, “Our teamwork reflects on the overall success of JRC”.

In 2021, Madeline was awarded The JRC Mentor Award. JRC recognizes a mentor as a professional who nurtures the growth of fellow employees. This individual provides guidance or assists others with accomplishing goals. When asked what motivates her, Madeline said, "Life inspires me because I am my own motivator. I treat each day like it is my last because I am a Pancreatic Cancer Survivor. Having life is a great motivator". Madeline is committed to building a team environment where employees feel empowered and prepared to achieve goals. Madline says," I enjoy the work I do because I work for a company that provides the best for its employees".

Madeline is a community Girl Scout Troop Leader and proud parent to her son and four adopted daughters. Madeline has also been a loving foster parent to many adolescents over the years.



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