Posted March 01, 2024

We are proud to announce the promotion of Chris Campbell to Manager of JRC Talent Acquisitions. Chris will be responsible for leading JRC’s Corporate Talent Acquisition Strategy, ensuring we attract and hire the best talent as we continue to take on some of our nation’s most challenging goals. 

As JRC’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Chris will oversee end-to-end recruitment operations including sourcing strategy development, outreach & engagement, interview & selection, and the overall candidate experience, ensuring JRC’s recruitment process is efficient and comprehensive. 

Serving as a senior recruitment professional for over twenty years, Chris comes to us highly skilled in strategic client relationship management and technology optimization as it applies to the recruitment process. Shortly after joining our JRC Team, Chris made significant improvements to our corporate recruitment strategy, helping JRC to quickly bring on exceptional talent to support some of our nation’s most important defense programs and initiatives. His innovative and modernized approach to recruitment and the overall candidate experience, created an immediate difference in JRC’s on-boarding process. He developed a strong rapport with JRC’s hiring managers, creating tailored recruitment strategies to meet their talent needs.

When asked about his experience working at JRC, Chris said, “At JRC, I have the unique opportunity to partner with an incredible group of creative, bright and solution-oriented colleagues who are committed to solving some of our nation's most challenging problems.”

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Outside of his passion for talent acquisition, Chris is a dedicated father and husband. Stemming from his early involvement in various sports growing up, Chris enjoys weight training. What began as a means of athletic preparation evolved into a core aspect of his well-being. Chris is also a talented guitarist. He enjoys live performances with his bandmates. Having embraced guitar at an early age, he has become immersed in the local music scene. For Chris, music acts as a cathartic experience, continuously nurturing his mind, body, and spirit.

Congratulations Chris on your new role with The JRC Management Team. Thank you for sharing your career with us.  



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